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voco® Oxford Thames Helping to  Save Local Owls

voco® Oxford Thames Helping to Save Local Owls

Oxford hotel partners with local non-profit Chrissie’s Owls to help local bird life thrive

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Ex-Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s


By  Graham Salter   In Madrid, the government has fallen. Mired in corruption, Mariano Rajoy has vacated the Palacio Moncloa, leaving the Socialists, under Pedro Sánchez, to assume the reins of power. How did this […]

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meeting, held by the group “Woman’s Place UK”

A Woman’s Place is Ours to Define

By Julia Gasper I went to a women’s rights meeting in Oxford on 25th April, which had to be held at a venue kept secret until the last possible moment because of the threat of […]

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