40531401 - heavy traffic moving on the road in twilight, kuala lumpur

40531401 - heavy traffic moving on the road in twilight, kuala lumpur

Road Repairs

Chris Evans, deputy managing director at Rolton Group, reacts to the Chancellor’s announcement to deliver £420-million to tackle Britain’s roads.

“The Chancellor’s commitment to deliver £420-million to tackle Britain’s decrepit roads is a mere drop in the ocean of what needs to be ring-fenced to deliver a capable sustainable transport infrastructure. Announcing measures to tackle potholes while only hinting at further infrastructure investment may please the public but won’t go very far towards transitioning the nation to a low-carbon vehicle future.

“The Autumn Budget speech is the latest in a long line of piecemeal policy announcements, which are half-hearted and often contradictory. Freezing fuel duty is at odds with curtailing support for EV and hybrid vehicles and will leave many unsure of the government’s direction on low carbon vehicles.

“What we really need is a long-term, costed 20-year transition programme to transform the UK’s infrastructure and create a smart grid capable of supporting battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

“The vision should be to make the UK the world leader in infrastructure development to support our future transport needs. At the moment, the government’s approach is vehicle-led – or in other words, consumer-led – and this means we’re all reacting to market forces rather than collaborating together to achieve a national strategy, leaving a gaping pit in the drive for a sustainable future.” https://www.rolton.com/


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