Madagascar The Musical

Madagascar The Musical

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Madagascar the Musical at the New Theatre Oxford

A review by Alicja Czermak and her son Gabriel

This performance of Madagascar the Musical was at a perfect length for children, but for me absolutely too short! I would love to stay and sing along with the actors, singing “move it move it” for a bit longer, as the performance was absolutely amazing! I would recommend this for families with children to come and enjoy together this lovely story about friendship.

Since the first lights had gone off we could observe a burst of bright and deep colours everywhere.

The characters’ costumes looked stunning and amusing –  puffy bulky arms of the lion Alex, cheeky hooves of Zebra Martin, big belly of Gloria the hippo and especially half puppet half person- Girraffe Melman on a  wheelchair (which perfectly describes him as hypochondriac) – these all express their unique, way of being.

For me, the most creative costume was that of the king of lemurs- Julien, who performed all the time on his knees! I loved the penguin’s puppets as well, who were a faithful copy of the characters from the movie. The actors behind them were funny and very involved in their roles.

The action was non-stop, not even a second of boring performance. The time mostly filled with beautiful songs instead of long conversations. ALEX the lion was not only the king among animals but he was the real KING of all songs with genuine voice (apart from king Julian a-lemur, who made us all clap our hands and sing along “we like to move it” in the second part of the show ).

As the story began, we are in New Your City Zoo, which is easily recognizable by the voices of the actors-the accents are very American, a real copy of the original movie. The whole show is very alike the screen version.

The choreography is first class, wonderful, vibrant but not distracting. I could spot a few ladies in their 60 clapping hands and dancing in their chairs, while on the other side I was sitting next to a few kids, with their mouth wide open in admiration. The all-ages audience was very engaged in the performance.

What Gabriel said after leaving “it was amazing, interesting, colourful and fun!” Lots of chuckles, giggles that we shared as there were many jokes not only for younger ears. He enjoyed his face painting before the show (he has chosen a penguin).

Gabriel loved the most penguins  (of course) who were sneaking between the audience as a real mafia. I loved not only Alex but also the other main characters. They reached the high notes whilst singing together with such a harmony made me simply impressed.

I would definitely recommend this to families, but any adult would enjoy it too. Definitely for biggest fans of the movie Madagascar.

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