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Former England captain Stuart ‘Psycho’ Pearce MBE is a force to be reckoned with when taking on a military vehicles skills test for a new radio programme, ‘On Track with Forces Radio BFBS’


  • After a glorious summer for English football, one of England’s fiercest defenders takes on one of the toughest challenges of his life – armed forces tank driving.


  • Former England football captain Stuart Pearce MBE, TV presenter Jenni Falconer and Love Island’s Georgia Steel go head to head in a field in Banbury to mark the brand new series, ‘On Track with Forces Radio BFBS’


  • Stuart Pearce MBE’s driving skills are called into question during exciting new series ‘On Track with Forces Radio BFBS’ – find out more on Forces Radio BFBS at 6 pm on the 30th of October.

Former England captain Stuart ‘Psycho’ Pearce MBE is put through his paces as he participates in a series of military vehicle skills tests for new Forces Radio BFBS radio programme, ‘On Track with Forces Radio BFBS’ which airs on 30th October at 6 pm.

Joined by Love Island’s very own Georgia Steel and radio presenter Jenni Falconer, Stuart and his fellow celebrities are put to the test to see who would be the best equipped for a career change.  Stuart is given an official pass or fails for each task to reflect whether or not he would cut the mustard in the British Military.

To find out whether or not he made the grade during the extensive test, listeners can tune into a new ‘fusion’ music and military programme – ‘Stuart Pearce On Track with Forces Radio BFBS’ on 30th October.  The show offers an entertaining and in-depth insight into what happened when the three celebrities were sent on a military vehicle driving course to mark Forces Radio BFBS being available to a wider audience on DAB+, as well as other existing platforms.

The military radio network tasked Stuart Pearce MBE with the mission of maneuvering a tank through thick, muddy water, balancing it on a knife edge and driving it round a gruelling course, in an attempt to pass a set of super challenging tank driving skills. The tasks earned Stuart an exclusive insight into the incredible expertise that the British military demonstrates all over the world every day.

The three skill tests:

  • The Abbot Course – Stuart went for a rough ride as he jerked around the Abbot Course testing his driving skills whilst navigating through sinking mud, submerging puddles and jarring drops; all the while being interviewed by presenters Amy Casey and Jay James for the radio series. The Abbot Course is atrack used for teaching people how to drive an Abbot Tank.


  • The Swim – Working under pressure and in a battle against the clock and deepening water, Stuart used the Lance Armoured Vehicle to ‘swim’ through deep water testing his precision and efficiency at his new-found skills.

  • The Knife Edge Balance – Stuart Pearce MBE used extreme concentration to balance the front of a tank off a small ledge, ensuring he had the perfect equilibrium making certain the tank did not drop off the edge.


Adding another degree of complexity to the challenge, Stuart Pearce MBE was interviewed by Forces Radio BFBS presenters Amy Casey and Jay James whilst attempting the Abbot Course section of the tank driving skills test.

Stuart Pearce MBE commented, “After taking part in the skills test I have even more respect for our armed forces. It was exhilarating and tough, but ultimately eye-opening to see what they go through on a daily basis. I think it’s brilliant the work that the military does, in keeping the likes of myself and the nation safe, we are eternally grateful. Certainly, from my point of view, and I know there are millions of people in the country that feel the same, we are very beholden to the work that’s done by our military and I take a great pride in our armed forces, both home and abroad.’’

During his On Track with interview, Stuart Pearce discusses his footballing and managerial career, in particular, his penalty taking for England, retiring from football and his greatest managerial moments with the England Under 21 team.

On his footballing career, Stuart describes his feelings around taking the infamous missed penalty in the World Cup semi-finals as confidence backing himself: “Common sense made me take the England World Cup penalty, I perceived myself as a decent penalty taker and I was the penalty taker for Nottingham Forest at the time and with the 11 players on the pitch at the time, I’d always back myself.”

He also compares his football playing mentality to the military, saying that he was always going to “step up and take the next step with pride for his country.”

On moving from being a player to a manager, Stuart simply states that “footballing life doesn’t owe me a living, so I had to get out and retrain myself into management.”

You can watch Stuart Pearce’s video here:

Stuart Pearce MBE On Track with Forces Radio BFBS airs on Forces Radio BFBS at 6 pm on the 30th of October.

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