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BakkerElkhuizen Handshake Mouse

Handshake Mouse by BakkerElkhuizen
Handshake Mouse by BakkerElkhuizen

Nicholas Newman

Looking for a new mouse that reduces hand fatigue and stress, then it is worth trying the Handshake Mouse by BakkerElkhuizen. It is designed for people like journalists, businessmen, and personal assistants etc., who spend all day at the computer, either on the desktop or laptop. Its ergonomic design is intended to reduce the potential for muscle strain experienced by working with a mouse all day.

It takes some time to get used to, but I found that after using it a week, my hand moves effortlessly. Though, I did notice my arms weren’t as tensed at the end of the day. So from my experience, it definitely lives up to the claims!

Using this mouse correctly reduces muscle tension, reducing the symptoms and causes of RSI within the workplace. The SRM Mouse is designed for small and medium-sized hands (hand widths of up to 9 cm, excluding the thumb). As for the Mouse itself, it has a scroll wheel, two buttons and can switch between 400/1600/3200DPI, so everything you need for the job.

In short, it’s an extremely good mouse for people who use one all day.

More information can be found at BakkerElkhuizen

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