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Alice in Wonderland gets the musical treatment

A review by Justyna Olszowa


(20 February 2017) Wonderland the Musical came to Oxford’s New Theatre. Wonderland is an enchanting musical adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

The story begins with Alice as a single mom,  upset after finding her car has been stolen and has been sucked from work after arriving late.

Alice declares “I have had enough of everything and  I don’t want to live in a real world anymore.” The White Rabbit appears and transports Alice, her daughter Ellie and neighbour Jack down into Wonderland. Here they meet the fantastic characters of this famous book.

Wonderland is an amazing and brilliant show!

I liked very much Rachael Wooding performance as Alice and her lovely voice.

The audience included people of all ages, as well as parents with their children enjoying the musical with smiles on their faces. I also liked the stunning sets, original music, great choreography and great finishing of this outstanding performance from all cast.

The only thing that could be changed or looked at is the music was played too loud and you could not hear sometimes the lovely cast members singing.

Maybe that was the whole point of this wonderful show, it was full of satirical and humorous drama, but this is exactly what you would expect from Alice in Wonderland.


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