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Innovation Inspiration Creativity Ideas Progress Innovate Concept

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Some of today’s leading innovators under 35

There have been many innovators in the past including such people as Marie Skłodowska Curie, Copernicus, Einstein, Rosalind Franklin etc. Some have innovated throughout their lives like Thomas Edison, Tim Berners-Lee and Leonardo da Vinci etc, whilst others have only been innovative for a few years of their life. Here is a list of some of today’s innovators under the age of 35:

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Josef Průša – His simplification of the design of traditional 3D printers has democratized the technology so that anyone can use it

Christina Friis Blach Petersen – She combines circadian rhythm research and human-centric solutions to solve sleep deprivation as a result of unhealthy lighting in urban environments

Mate Rimac – After beating several records and creating two electric Hypercars, he is helping the automotive sector to accelerate its transition to sustainability

Samantha Payne – Children without upper limbs are becoming superheroes with the inexpensive, personalized Hero Arms prostheses

Sébastien Boyer – His autonomous robots increase agricultural productivity and make it more sustainable by banishing the use of herbicides

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  • Noor Shaker – She combines quantum computers and artificial intelligence to speed up the design of new drugs
  • Yann Fleureau – His AI analyses electrocardiograms as well as a doctor and democratizes access to them
  • María García-Puyol – Emergency services can immediately receive the accurate location of a caller, ensuring confidentiality of information
  • Witold Kopytynski – His software can convert production into a modular process and could revolutionize the manufacturing industry
  • Maayke-Aimée Damen – Her marketplace uses AI and blockchain to give a second useful life to companies’ waste and to promote the circular economy
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  • Son Thai Le – He managed to increase the optical fibre transmission capacity by 50%
  • Elizabeth Nyekho– Her energy solution for rural communities in Africa could make grids more efficient everywhere.
  • William Woodford– Finding the materials for the next generation of grid-scale batteries.
  • Daniel Lacker – Assistant professor in Columbia – He has dealt with important issues arising in Mean field games control theory

I would be interested in your choice of innovators and the reasons why you selected them.

My list is based on a variety of sources including Linkedin, Crunchbase,MIT and suggestions from friends.

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