-Drones e-tailer launches Umbrella Drone to protect against wet weather-

OUTDOOR explorers need not let spring showers dampen their spirits following the release of a new, revolutionary Umbrella Drone.

The Umbrella Drone, which can be purchased from the UK’s leading drones e-tailer, for £1299, makes the perfect companion for this season’s outings, by protecting operators from the unpredictable British weather.

No matter what the task, there’s nothing worse than carrying it out whilst trying to shield yourself from the worst of Britain’s weather. This exclusive and limited edition DJI Phantom 4 tackles this issue head on, by allowing users to walk freely knowing they are shielded from overhead by the drone-operated umbrella.

Boasting advanced tracking technology which links to the GPS signal of a mobile phone, the flying umbrella will expertly navigate itself and track its owner steps, sheltering them from each and every spring shower, so there is no need to operate it as you move.

What’s more, the Umbrella Drone features up to 30 minutes of battery life.

Adventurous Brits who love to embark on outdoor activities will love capturing the action, with the high performance 4K rain camera. The Umbrella Drone is also equipped with many of the Phantom 4’s much-loved features, including in-built intelligence collision avoidance technology, which will help ensure a safe flight, even in the most adverse weather conditions.

Tim Morley, business unit manager at, said, “For those who don’t want to be confined to staying indoors, who want to drone in changeable weather, and those who don’t want to juggle managing an umbrella whilst carrying out their everyday tasks, then the innovative Umbrella Drone is a gadget not to be without. Not only does it offer intelligent protection throughout the worst of Britain’s weather, but it’s a fun and advanced piece of tech too.

“It has all the DJI Phantom 4’s favorite features, with the added benefit of an attached umbrella to shelter operators from the rain. This is a truly clever and unique companion, is delighted to offer to consumers.”

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*By UK law, drones with cameras should not be flown within 150m of a congested area and 50m of a person, vessel, vehicle or structure not under control of the pilot. Pilots should also make sure their drone is visible at all times and isn’t flown higher than 400ft. For more information and further drone usage guidelines, refer to the CAA. is one of the UK’s largest online drones retailers, and a specialist division of the BuyItDirect Group, bringing customers the best deals in the UK from all the leading brands at great value prices.

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