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New campaign reveals how much children think daily goods cost

  • The average UK child now receives a staggering £233.48 a year on pocket money
  • 31% of children are saving their pocket money
  • Children now feel the pressure to have the best of everything with 1 in 5 saying their family income is a cause of pressure with their friends

Children can be an expensive addition to any family – rocketing childcare and food costs are pushing parents to the edge financially. However, a new report from Provident reveals that children may also be taking the brunt of the pressure with 17% admitting they feel pressure to have a higher family income in front of their friends.


A new campaign titled ‘Kids Costing Logic’ by Provident has questioned 1000 UK kids from the ages of 5-12 and their parents, revealing how much children believe things cost and their attitudes towards family finances.


Generation Z feeling financial pressure from as young as 5


It seems that the newest generation might be the most financially stressed yet, with almost a quarter (24%) of 8-9 year olds feeling the pressure to wear designer clothes.


Over 16% of 5-7 year olds admit they feel pressure to have the latest gadgets.


1 in 10, 10-12 years olds admit that they feel pressure to having a bigger/nicer house in front of their friends


With social media and a connected world changing the landscape of childhood, it seems that children may be taking on more than the older generation with the below table revealing their top pressures



5-7 years of age 8-9 years of age 10-12 years of age
Money/ how much money your family has 11.82% 17.63% 20.66%
Designer clothes 10.81% 24.04% 19.39%
Gadgets 16.55% 38.78% 33.93%
Holidays 9.80% 12.18% 12.76%
Bigger/nicer house 7.77% 8.65% 9.95%




Kids costing logic


8 out of 10 UK parents educate their children about money, almost 1 in 2 (48.5%) would be happy to get more help in teaching their kids about managing their finances.


When it comes to costing up goods it seems that children still have a lot to learn.


Children believe that their parents earn £5,482.87 a month, and have set themselves the target of earning £5,900 a month when they’re older.


Provident interviewed children from the ages of 5-12 asking them to state the costs of daily goods and the comical results can be seen in the video at



Pocket money reaches £233.48 a year


An effective way to start making kids money-responsible is by giving them pocket money. 77% of children currently get pocket money, with the average amount being £4.49 per week.


It may come as a surprise to hear that 31% of children like to save their pocket money and 10% spend it on their phones!


The below table shows the average expenditure of children’s pocket money in the UK:


Item % of children spending their money on the said item
Sweets 54%
Toys 50%
Saving 31%
Apps/computer games 27%
Accessories 17%
Food 14%
Clothes 13%
Cinema 12%
Phone top-ups 10%
Bus/trains fares 6%
Other 5%


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