LtoR Denise Welch, Rebecca Storm, Karen Dunbar, Fern Britton, Sara Crowe, Anna-Jane Casey, Ruth Madoc, credit John Swannell.jpg

LtoR Denise Welch, Rebecca Storm, Karen Dunbar, Fern Britton, Sara Crowe, Anna-Jane Casey, Ruth Madoc, credit John Swannell.jpg

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Calendar Girls the Musical at the New Theatre Oxford

A review by Ewa Czermak

I had a pleasure witnessed a great show in New Oxford Theatre last night. 

Calendar Girls is a musical written by Gary Barlow and Tim Firth and the production is dedicated to the original Calendar Girls: Beryl Bamforth, Chris Clancy, Ros Fawcett, Angela Baker, Lynda Logan and Tricia Stewart.

The production show a story of a group of women in different age and history who would like to do something extraordinary in memory of dearest friend who passed away in result of diagnosed cancer.

In the show there was exposed his rapid but gentle deterioration. 

From the technical point of view I appreciate that the show has started at right time with no delays. The sounds / acoustic were great- I have not notice any unexpected sounds.

 Scenography were minimalistic suitable with all the costumes. It has taken us to a beautiful journey to Yorkshire. 

From the beginning I could realize that this is about friendship, respect and women powerful, but also that each of them were different and it took a time all of them to agree for this fantastic project to make and ‘nude’ calendar.

In the first part they exposed John’s disease and functional decline slowly but very realistic. He became weaker with hair loss and functional decline – gentle picture. 

Then we could observed two very emotional solo moments, to be honest it has made me cry. 

I think that end of this show could not be better, unexpected movements, funny, actresses were able to perform nude moments, and they made it like nobody was embarrassed. 

Each of actresses was individual, if I could highlight someone it would be Ruth (Sara Crowe), fabulous comedian who made me laugh at all times her appearance on the stage. 

Between all adult acts we could see young generation, who exposed great vocal, comedian skills, and typical for young people problems.

I really enjoyed everything through the show. 

Every single moment at this show was very funny and interesting. 

In summary, 

This show has been cleverly written. My attention was not distracted and I was waiting what will happen next since begging.

I would like to thank you for all the cast and people who were involved in this show, thank you very much for making my Tuesday evening, a great evening.

If someone would ask me: Do you recommend this?

I would say, yes definitely. 

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