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How Not to Break the Law When Selling Online

Author Marie Slowioczek-Mannsfeld, Copytrack.com 2018  It’s super easy to do, and all of us have done it at least once: sell old stuff online. We want to get a bit of buck for those old […]

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Five post- Christmas cleaning hacks for a squeaky clean 2018!

To make the post- Christmas clean-up operation less stressful, Oven Pride has teamed up with blogger Domestic Gothess, to create some time-saving hacks for an easy, fuss-free clean up that will allow you to enjoy […]

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Image Comparison – A Peek Behind the Curtain

Image Comparison – A Peek Behind the Curtain

In our latest article “How COPYTRACK finds your images” from our “A Sneak Peek Behind the Curtain” series we described how Copytrack collects millions of photos every day with the help of individual web crawler. […]

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24329673 - chonburi - october 3: workers preparing for loading crude oil  form ship to taker in chonburi, thailand on october3, 2008.

A new funding solution is needed for  oil decommissioning

By Nicholas Newman At the time of writing, we are seeing an increasing number of media reports detailing the huge numbers of abandoned oil wells in Alberta and Texas.  In addition, governments and the industry […]

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