Autonomous underwater rov with manipulators or robotic arms. Modern remotely operated underwater vehicle. Fictitious subsea drone or robot for deep underwater exploration and monitoring sea bottom.

Ocean Infinity to support ExxonMobil in Guyana

Ocean Infinity, the next generation subsea marine robotics company, has been awarded a contract with ExxonMobil, for high-resolution Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) geophysical and geotechnical data acquisition within the Stabroek block offshore Guyana

Oil Pipeline Service. Character Control and Checking Cathodic Protection Level. Surveillance Construction, Erosion or Leaks. Transportation Liquid or Gas. Flat Cartoon Vector Illustration

Why the oil and gas industry needs (flexible) pipe dreams

It is clear that operators are increasingly looking to suppliers who can offer the best overall value across an entire project lifespan. Choosing a product is just one part of the total cost; transportation, installation and management of integrity make up a significant part of the rest. Today, operators are looking at the bigger picture, how can infrastructure, like flexible pipe, help get the most out of a field, in the most efficient way. At Baker Hughes, we are focused on reducing TOTEX, across the full range of subsea infrastructure throughout its life, these products form a family named Aptara, meaning fit-for-purpose

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Billions at Play book cover

Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy and Doing Deals

A book review by Nicholas Newman Over the years there have been many books about some of the failures, successes and near misses in the development of Africa’s energy sector. This book by NJ Ayek […]

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Ronan Le Gloahec


Deciding factors in the deal included Weir Oil & Gas’ capabilities in Iraq, positive past and existing contract performance with the client, local content, in-house engineering and a comprehensive international facility near the customer’s sites. This contract further consolidates Weir’s Rig-to-Grid capabilities in the Middle East.

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Top 33 shale oil producers need extra 8.3 BUSD to balance 2018 cash flows at 60 USD WTI

Top 33 shale oil producers need extra 8.3 BUSD to balance 2018 cash flows at 60 USD WTI

By Rystad Energy A selection of the top 33 shale oil producers need USD 8.3 billion of additional funding on top of USD 2.4 billion debt refinancing in a 60 WTI price environment to meet a […]

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