Things to do on a long business trip?

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Things to do on a long business trip?

Business people comparing notes on the train

By Nicholas Newman

It can be very tiring sitting in a car, coach, plane or train journey. Luckily, there are a number of entertaining and productive ways to spend your time on such journeys. Here are some of my favorite things to do:


For many traveling on a long journey is a great way to catch up on office work, write emails or write a chapter of your book.

Complete a crossword

For many completing a challenging crossword or other word games is a great way to keep the brain active.

Play Offline Phone Games

Many of us have a mobile phone, it is a great way to play computer games, such as Trivial, Zen Pinball, Subway Surfers, Downhill Xtreme Pro and Cocoto Kart HD.

Watch a movie or listen to an audiobook or the radio.

Increasingly, people are watching their favorite movies, TV episodes or listening to their favorite radio programs from their smartphone. In the UK one can listen to past BBC radio or TV programs on IPlayer APP. For those with a pocket radio or radio APP, I would recommend listening to BBC Radio Four extra. It is a dedicated radio channel the broadcasts plays and comedy throughout the day. Also, many radio stations have a great range of music to listen to.

Do A Craft

For others, following a hobby like train-spotting or a craft like knitting If the journey is long enough, you might have made some socks. For the more technically minded, editing your photos or films can be fun.

Read a book

For many a journey is a great way to read or listen to a book. For those with a tablet or smartphone, you can download audiobooks from Audible or Amazon Kindle e-books for the printed version to read.

Talk to your fellow passengers

Talking to your neighbors about the day’s events is a great way to pass the time and learn something new. In London, people are wearing badges that are indicating that they would like to talk to their fellow travelers.

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