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How to consistently Lead with Confidence and Deliver on Projectseven When your Workload is High and your Leadership Energy is running Low.

You see…

When you are busy overseeing multiple projects at work, it’s easy to feel depleted and exhausted. So how can you come up with creative solutions to make improvements and reduce costs? You arrive home tired, and not the best company.
Of course you want energy for your life outside work too, but it’s hard to forget the job when phones are always on and emails too.

But you can…

Change that. Lead your team and your life differently, so you accomplish more, finishing each day and each week with a rewarding sense of achievement. You’ll feel calm because you know how to make next week go well too – whatever it brings.

In our individual 1-Day Intensive The Empowered Leader you learn easy effective ways to do this, practical techniques which work and strategies to reinvigorate you and keep resourcefulness high.

You will:

  • Review ways to create momentum and motivation in others
  • Learn a tip for organising multiple projects so they feel clear & do-able
  • See how to quickly regain focus even when there is too much to do
  • Learn a technique to discover a well of energy and confidence that you’d forgotten you had
  • Use your strengths to reinvigorate your resourcefulness
  • Gain other valuable insights
  • Leave the day clear about next steps with your Empowered Action Plan.

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