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46409633 - businessman teleworking, headset on

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Nuance’s Dragon Professional Individual

A review by Nicholas Newman of Dragon Professional Individual


It used to be science fiction, the concept we could dictate to our computers and magically would appear on the screen our words. The latest version of Dragon Naturally Speaking is known as Nuance Dragon Professional Individual 15. Over the years since Nuance first launched this product in 1994, this software has evolved and improved over the years. As a result, this useful and productive tool has adapted to meet the ever-changing requirements of its users.


This because ongoing improvements in speed, accuracy and adaptability that have been made by the Nuance Team. Such efforts have been appreciated by professional wordsmiths like journalists, doctors, lawyers et cetera.


Dragon Professional Individual (DPI) is the personal version of Nuance’s PC-based speech to text product range. It is designed for anyone that needs to create emails, features, web content, blogs, press releases, notices, reports et cetera. Potential users who type at. under 100 words per minute will appreciate how being able to dictate to your computer using DPI will improve your productivity and speed.

What can it do?

It can aid the user in the following tasks including:

  • use of auto text command to include in email a person’s name at the end of a letter
  • transcribe recordings made using other audio recording devices such as digital voice recorders
  • Control applications such as Excel, Word and Internet browsers including chrome and Firefox.


What Dragon Professional Individual features are the same as previous versions?

Here are a few of the previous features included as standard in Dragon NaturallySpeaking are there including:

  • dictating several pages of text
  • enabling voice corrections and revisions
  • voice text formatting
  • voice document navigation
  • built-in commands for starting and closing applications, also navigating between applications by voice

What’s New with Dragon Professional Individual

Here are a few of the changes that have been made including:


  • It is compatible with Windows 10
  • It can transcribe recordings of a single speaker’s voice from pre-recorded audio files or podcasts
  • There is no standard microphone included in the box that contains the DVD software

Why do I like it?

Businessman using Dragon Professional Individual 15

Nuance for many years has claimed that in terms of accuracy its various versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking have been near perfect as possible. This one keeps to the same high standards as previous products in terms of quality, responsiveness and accuracy. In this version, what matters most is further improvements have been made in making it easy-to-use. Users will find that Dragon Professional Individual is packed full of a wide range of features and works across a full range of desktop computing needs.


Although, for the inexperienced, you only need a little training, for the software to learn how you speak. Still, with the absolute minimum of training, dictation accuracy is superb. As a fresh install on a new computer (that is, without access to existing voice files) DPI proved almost completely accurate. Correcting any errors is straightforward too, so that accuracy should improve further over time.


Setup is quick because there’s no longer any need to read pages on the screen of training text. Which you had to do in the past. You can do this later if you find that accuracy needs a boost (which we didn’t).


The latest version of Dragon voice recognition software is well worth the money.

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