You dont need the car to visit the hospital

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You dont need the car to visit the hospital

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It has to be remembered that many people do not drive, due to a variety of reasons including cost, age, illness, lifestyle etc.

I think my response with every journey to the hospital is can I  walk, bus or cycle there from my home, then if not can I drive to one of the park and rides which enjoy regular direct bus services to the hospitals in Headington.

If that is not possible then consider using a taxi or driving there. Also, to avoid delays, many people park in one of the public car parks in Headington and walk into the hospital concerned. Also, many catch one of the many frequent buses that travel along London Road and Old Road, then walk to the relevant hospital from the nearest bus stop. For instance, the Sandfield Road stop on London Road is only 5 mins walk away from the JR Hospital. This bus stop enjoys good bus connections to Oxford City Centre and Thame. While the express buses to London stop at nearby Gipsy Lane.

The trouble is if you opt for building a multi-storey car park,  are you just encouraging people to drive to work or visit the hospital. Will we get to the stage where once built, yet another multi-storey car park will be demanded.

The next question is where to locate such a facility, many residents living around the hospitals would protest if such a building interfered with their views, privacy, access to sunlight etc.  Also, there is a question of would it have to take up a site for a potential new hospital facility.

In addition, as many Headington residents have experienced, many hospital staff are well paid and are prepared to rent parking spaces on people’s driveways in properties that surround Headington hospitals.

How to get to the JR Hospital by bus

Well, many of the bus services are designed and subsidized to meet both patients, visitors and staff needs. For example the dedicated Park and Ride bus services.


How to get to the JR Hospital by cycle

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