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18171740 - pretoria, south africa - september 9: metrorail train depart from central station in pretoria on september 9, 2009. pretoria is the executive capital of south africa.

New hope in Africa’s railways

By Nicholas Newman A new revolution in African railways is starting to take place, we are seeing major railway equipment manufacturers and leasing companies begin to focus on the continent. For many some as a […]

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An Amazing Toy The Marbel Elephants Jigsaw Puzzle

An Amazing Toy The Marbel Elephants Jigsaw Puzzle

By Jolanta Ryba What an amazing toy my son has received from his nanny! Just around his birthday, we were all excited about the possible presents for my 5 yrs. old son Michael, who is […]

by June 8, 2017 0 comments Education, Oxfordshire, Shopping
Needing hard drive encryption

Needing hard drive encryption

A review by Nicholas Newman   Protecting your data against unauthorised access is for some an important requirement, especially amongst businesses, universities, and government agencies. All too often, we have heard about laptops left on […]

by May 30, 2017 0 comments Software, Technology
24329673 - chonburi - october 3: workers preparing for loading crude oil  form ship to taker in chonburi, thailand on october3, 2008.

A new funding solution is needed for  oil decommissioning

By Nicholas Newman At the time of writing, we are seeing an increasing number of media reports detailing the huge numbers of abandoned oil wells in Alberta and Texas.  In addition, governments and the industry […]

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33195536 - railroad under construction and disorderly and unsystematic

Should Britain’s Railways be Re-Nationalized?

By Nicholas Newman I think people are asking the wrong question when they ask for the renationalisation of the railways in Britain. When you look at traffic figures it is a victim of its success. Britain’s […]

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