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Why the science of ancient times is important today

Even in ancient times, mankind was developing technologies and forms of scientific research that are the basis for some of current technological and scientific developments and gadgets we use today.

Did you know that the Romans had air-conditioning see…/

That early forms of paint and ink were being used in ancient times see

Many women were using cosmetics at the time of the ancient Egyptians that were developed by early technologists see…/

Also many ancient Roman industrialists, traders and miners were exploiting technology to transport, mine and process materials see

As for early science in the ancient Roman and Greek period, scientists such as Archimedes, Galen, Pliny, Plato, Aristotle etc., were involved in the development of the astronomy, calendar, mathematics, medicine, geometry, mechanics, engineering, scientific theory etc. See…

For examples of some of the gadgets invented in ancient times…/10-ancient-greek-inventions-…/

Also take a look at below images.




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