Month: February 2018


A Walk Through Palermo

By Julia Gasper Sicily is a good place to go to for winter sun or just a break at this time of year. While sunshine cannot be guaranteed, it is on average a lot warmer […]

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Oxford Professional Consulting

How to consistently Lead with Confidence and Deliver on Projects, even When your Workload is High and your Leadership Energy is running Low. You see… When you are busy overseeing multiple projects at work, it’s easy to feel […]

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Eurostar announces the launch of its new London-Amsterdam service on 4 April 2018

  Major commitment to the future of international high speed rail UK to The Netherlands by Eurostar in just three hours with journey time of 3hr41 (London-Amsterdam) and 3hr01 (London- Rotterdam) Tickets from £35 one-way […]

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New Kingspan AdBlue Tank
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Give Your Petrol Station The Edge: New Kingspan AdBlue Tank

Kingspan, a global authority in AdBlue storage and dispensing, has just unveiled the Slimline Edge, a ground-breaking new tank that will revolutionise AdBlue retailing in petrol stations and truck stops. This remarkable tank marks a […]

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L to R Bishop Kenney, the Duke of Marlborough, Lady Marie Stubbs, Blenheim Palace CEO Dominc Hare, Dean[217284]
Blenheim Palace, Oxford, Oxfordshire


The Duke of Marlborough officially opened a new Thanksgiving Garden at the St Hugh of Lincoln Church in Woodstock on Sunday, January 28th.   The garden is part of a larger project which included the […]

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How to improve customer service with technological innovation

  Chris Proctor, CEO Oneserve The rise of social media has created a platform for disgruntled customers to publicly and freely complain about poor service or faulty products, which can have not only damaging effects […]

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