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Nicholas Newman with one of the research scientists at Velocys

By Nicholas Newman

Energy Journalist Nicholas Newman   visited today the team at Velocys’ Didcot laboratories. Velocys specialises in developing small-scale GTL (Gas To Liquids) technology. GTL  is the process used to convert natural gas, shale gas, waste gas or biogas into premium products, such as diesel, jet fuel, waxes and base oils.

Velocys’ expertise  is likely to prove useful in any  planned manned missions to the Moon and Mars. This is because such GTL technology is planned to be used in the production of rocket fuel for space ships planning to be launched from the Moon and Mars.


Velocys team members with Dr Neville Hargreaves Velocys Business Development Director on the right

Velocys technology is protected by several hundred patents in over 30 countries.

At present, Velocys is in the process of developing it first commercial-scale GTL plant for its client – Oklahoma City  in the USA. This US plant, once complete, will use a combination of landfill gas and natural gas as feed stock. The Fischer-Tropsch reactors used in the new Oklahoma City plant utilise technologies based on Velocys’ own unique designs. The new plant will come online later this year.

To find out more http://www.velocys.com/


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