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A review by Nicholas Newman

Penclic K2 keyboard

Penclic K2 keyboard

The Penclic K2 is a mini wireless keyboard designed to either replace your big traditional keyboard on your desktop or be used in conjunction with your tablet computer.It comes in either white or traditional black.

The Penclic K2 keyboard

Penclic keyboard is 11.5 inches long, 6.5 inches wide (the keypad area is 4.5″ wide); it is 1/8″ thick. It weighs 12.4 oz. This keyboard uses the tiny USB receiver, which does not have unifying capabilities (i.e. it controls one device, not multiple devices like keyboard and mouse).Its small size makes it ideal for those that need something portable, like working in a coffee house or a train.

The keyboard is designed with comfortable Quiet-Touch keys that reduces noise and provides good tactile feeling while you are working. Only small keystrokes are needed and minimal pressure is required when typing, creating a relaxed and efficient time in front of the computer.

There are a few non-standard keys, such as the Penclic logo key, which is located between the left Ctrl and Alt keys. In addition, some of the keys are not in the traditional locations, for instance, the “delete” key which is located on the top row (on the row where function keys are located). It also has a few non-standard keys: Penclic logo key located between the left Ctrl and Alt keys (on the Windows keyboards this would be a Windows Key).

To Recharge the Penclic K2 keyboard

The keyboard is powered by two rechargeable AAA batteries. Both the batteries and the retractable charging cable are included. The keyboard has an on/off switch on the underside of the board, which is handy for a keyboard, which is not used all the time.

Things to improve

A feature request for Penclic: I would have really liked if there was a little drawer in the back of the keyboard where I could store the USB dongle when it is not in use. My travel mouse has this feature and I find it extremely convenient. It would be great if a travel keyboard could have the same feature.


Once it has charged and connected, this Penclic Mini Keyboard K2 is straightforward to use, with average typing functionality. The scissor-switch keys have shallow motion, much like that seen on most current laptops.

The keyboard offers an adequate typing experience, but the ergonomic benefits are not entirely clear. The flat design has been used before, but most ergonomic designs opt for adding more curvature—like that seen on the Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard—to put the wrist into a more neutral position. This sort of flat design, however, is about the same as typing directly on the surface of the table.


The Penclic K2 is a useful little device, for those needing something portable to enhance usage of your tablet computer and reduce potential strain on your wrists whilst typing.


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