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London’s Canary Wharf, The BLOODHOUND Project revealed the world’s fastest and most advanced racing car: BLOODHOUND SSC

For those who are serious motor heads, seeing the Bloodhound supersonic car in real life was a joy to see. Not surprising when it is designed to beat the current world land speed record, by reaching speeds over 1,000 miles per hour, along a 12 mile long race track in the Northern Cape of South Africa, sometime in 2016.. However, the way people, mostly men looked at the Bloodhound supersonic car, was a mixture of wonder and envy. The atmosphere felt like an ancient Greek temple, despite the hyper modern surroundings of Canary Wharf in London. Certainly, the air was thick with enthusiasm and reverence.


However, as a commentator on developments in technological innovations,  I found the event was a bit of a disappointment, since none of the fans acting as event organisers for  the Bloodhound project seemed to have sufficient in depth mission knowledge of how such project technology was contributing to the general advancement in science, mechanical and electrical engineering in such areas as the internet of things, thermodynamics and fuel efficiency.



One of the EJ200 Jet engine  turbine engines donated by Rolls Royce military division, used to power the bloodhound



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