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–          1.8million tickets have been sold through unofficial channels



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Ahead of what promises to be one of the biggest sporting events of the year – the 2016 UEFA European Championships in France – Gary McIlraith, CEO at NetNames, the online brand protection specialist, warns travelling fans to look out for scams this summer.

  1. Tickets that are too good to be true

“NetNames’ research has found that 1.8 million tickets to the Championships have been sold through unofficial channels. A simple search for the term: ‘Euro 2016 tickets’ on Google provides more than 11 million results. Among these search results, NetNames’ research uncovered thousands of unofficial ticket listings, with prices reaching over £10,000. Some organisations with no official link to UEFA or the organising committee state that they can ‘provide authentic tickets for all games or ‘guarantee best tickets’.

“Buying an online ticket for the UEFA Euro 2016 Championship this summer is a dangerous game. Tickets to the event have only been made officially available via the UEFA EURO portal, which suggests any resellers selling tickets are doing so unofficially, and they may therefore be counterfeit.”

  1. Football shirts – is the price tag a warning sign?

“Football shirts are not luxury items, yet their official price tag puts them in the same bracket as garments sold by companies such as Armani, Gucci and Versace. With a price tag of £60, many fans will consider this extortionate and above their means, and it is this ‘bargain hunting’ consumer that is increasingly a target for counterfeiters. In 2014 a huge haul of fake football shirts worth nearly £1 million were found in a container in the Untied States that had arrived from China. Worryingly, counterfeit shirts often contain dangerous toxins and are produced without being subject to industry regulatory standards.”

“When buying football shirts in France this summer, make sure you’re getting official merchandise by avoiding any deals that seem too good to be true. Extremely low prices are often a sign that fake goods are being passed off as the real thing.”


  1. The betting gamble

“Recent major sporting events have given rise to a number of unofficial betting apps. Anyone planning to place a wager on the European Championships should be wary of rogue mobile apps, as many are capable of infecting devices with viruses and accessing personal data.

“Some people may be lured in by these alternative betting platforms, which aim to entice them with odds on games that seem too good to be true. In most instances, winning bets will never be settled, however.

“Fans would be better off using mainstream betting companies to place their bets, as these apps offer a safe, secure environment for gamblers. In any case, before you hand over any money, it is worth doing some simple research online about the reputation of the website or company, as user reviews will often expose on-going scams.”



About NetNames

NetNames is one of the world’s leading online brand protection and domain name management specialists, helping organisations be present, protected and prosperous on the internet. Through its industry leading brand protection, domain name management, online security, anti-piracy and acquisitions services, the company is responsible for keeping organisations and brands one step ahead of online threats across the globe. The company is headquartered in London (UK) with offices in Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and USA. NetNames can be found at ww.netnames.com and on Twitter @NetNamesDomains.



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