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Star Wars action heroes having their family photo taken

The first day of Oxford Comic Con 2016, held at Oxford’s Examination Schools in the High Street, was packed with people, some were fans, others were the simply curious. What surprised me at this two-day weekend event, was how little on display represented British or even European science fiction and fantasy culture. It was almost impossible to find anything on display from such Oxfordshire storytellers as Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Brian Aldiss, Pratchett or even Britain’s TV favorite Dr. Who.

Nor were the American classics, such as Babylon 5, Star Trek or even Star Gate in sight. Instead, the world on display was dominated by the world of DC and Marvel comics, so there was the usual crop of fans dressed in Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Star Wars costumes. Though it was great to see the team from Oxford’s comic publishing success story 2000 AD, which this year celebrates 40 years of conquering the hearts and minds of fans with heroes such as Dan Dare and Judge Dredd.

Though, what was simply amazing was how people eating lunch or drinking coffee, at the nearby centuries-old Queens Lane Coffee House, took it in their stride seeing people at neighbouring tables dressed up as action heroes eating scrambled egg on toast, as if it was an everyday Oxford occurrence.

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Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 6PM


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