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A review by Nicholas Newman


Penclic NiceTouch T2

The Penclic NiceTouch T2 is a touchpad mouse that sits in front of your keyboard, providing a laptop-like mousing experience at your desk. It is a good option for those who either need a change for their joints’ sake or simply prefer a touchpad to a traditional mouse. It is available in white or traditional black.

Design and Features

Its overall design is straightforward. The device serves as a hand rest, designed to work in conjunction with Penclic’s flat, low-profile keyboard, the Penclic Mini Keyboard K2 (Wireless). The Penclic NiceTouch T2 measures just 0.35 by 11.25 by 4.75 inches and plugs into a USB port.

Some features of the Penclic NiceTouch T2

In the centre is a standard touchpad, measuring 3.5 by 2 inches. Instead, there are four buttons just below the touchpad. Rather than the basic right and left buttons that divide along the centreline these buttons offer left-click, right-click, and back (for Web browsing); the fourth button lets you turn the touchpad on and off.

Next to the touchpad is a scroll wheel, which is actually a wheel within a wheel, with a ratcheting disk that scrolls down and up the page when rotated clockwise and counter-clockwise, respectively, and a revolving finger pad, which lets you spin the scroll wheel freely without any friction against the fingertip. In my opinion, this was the feature of the NiceTouch T2, which made the device useful. I scroll through a lot of material in my day to day, and being able to take a break from the usual scroll wheel motion of a standard mouse is pleasant and much more comfortable.

Penclic NiceTouch T2


Penclic NiceTouch T2 with the Penclic Mini Keyboard K2

The NiceTouch T2 is connected via USB cables and comes with two lengths of USB cable: an 8-inch cable that is ideal for use with a keyboard that offers a USB pass-through port; and a longer 4.5-foot cable for plugging into a desktop or laptop. The touchpad does not require any special drivers and works with Windows operating systems. Penclic covers the device with a two-year warranty.


In testing, the NiceTouch T2 worked well overall, with smooth and accurate cursor control and a design that is comfortable when used with a keyboard.


All in all, while the Penclic NiceTouch T2 is a well-made product, but it would have been better if it had been integrated into the Penclic Mini Keyboard K2.


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