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Power Grid Project Location of Community supported projects
Baltic interconnection:


Interconnection Sweden-Baltic states and strengthening of the grid in Baltic States

Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania
Central and South East Europe:



Portugal-Spain interconnection reinforcement

Interconnection France-Spain (Baixas-Sta Logaia)

New 380 kV AC submarine cable between Sicily-Continental Italy ( Sorgente-Rizziconi)


France, Spain


Irish Sea Area:

Interconnection Republic of Ireland -Wales

Ireland, UK
Small Island Projects : Cyprus, Malta
North Sea and English Channel Areas:

FAB Link


IFA2 (Hampshire- Normandy)

Viking Link (Lincolnshire-Southern Denmark)

England Via Channel Islands France,

England, France

England Denmark

Sources: BBC, Bloomberg, Boston Standard, ENTSOE, RTE, National Grid

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