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– Sharing economy service Vrumi investigates work environments and the reinvention of the home –



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How much does your working environment matter? What is the value of the UK housing crisis? Is there a combined solution? A new report commissioned by sharing economy service, Vrumi explores, evaluates and answers these questions.


Founded by Roddy Campbell, William Sieghart and Sophie Neary; Vrumi offers its users an alternative work environment, connecting householders who want to earn money from their dead space to people who might wish to work in that space – from therapists through to micro businesses and start-ups. By combining the benefits of home working and the office hang out, the site aims to help battle the UK’s huge space issue; people are crowding into tiny places when there are amazing rooms locked away that go unused.


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Sophie Neary, Non-executive Director of Vrumi commented, “How to manage your home, and how to work.  Two of the most commonly thought about lifestyle issues of the 21st century are. With Vrumi, we can bring people together to improve both areas for everyone at the same time.”


The Report finds that the distinction between home-space and workspace has been breaking down in a fundamental way for some time now, with creatives leading the way:

  • Robert De Niro – refuses to have meetings in studio conference rooms, preferring more casual chats in a converted loft in Tribeca
  • Beck, Radiohead and Bon Iver – found they needed domestic spaces owned by other people to record new music
  • Hans Ulrich-Obrist – hosted an entire group show in his kitchen
  • Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne – formed Apple Computer in the garage of Jobs’ home in Los Altos


Since the 1990s, many studies have confirmed that the space in which we work strongly affects our output. One such study found that people who are happy with their environment can do as much work in four days as people who hate their workspace do in five. According to professor Charles Knight at Exeter University, the feeling of control, and the idea that you can realise something of yourself in a space, can in some cases increase productivity and creativity by up to 40%.




Rachel Johnson, an advocate of home working says “I started as a graduate trainee at the Financial Times in 1989 in an era of Next suits and shoulder pads – it wasn’t my natural environment. I found the presenteeism pointless and unconstructive. I launched my freelance career from a hot attic in a Washington DC suburb and found I saved so much time on the commute… and I got so much more done during the day.”


This explains why perhaps some of the world’s greatest inventions from the Archimedes Principle to Nike trainers, were created in homes. One of the world’s biggest companies, Apple was famously created in the garage of Steve Jobs’ home in Los Altos. The lightbulb, dishwasher and the ATM were all created at home.


Now people can make money from renting their homes during the day, while workers benefit from the flexibility and affordability this provides. A large dining room on Vrumi at £75 per day over 250 days makes the host £18,750, while an office at £100 psf might come in at £200 per day on a commercial lease. Vrumi thus comes in at 30% of permanent space, saving vital funds for burgeoning businesses and releasing idle space to our most promising startups.


With £5.75 trillion of UK housing stock, a lot of which is unused during the day, there is a huge opportunity for householders to earn money and help everyone from entrepreneurs and therapists to micro-businesses find places to work. If one householder in ten was willing to consider letting out a day room, and that room was only 10% of their property, that releases £57.5 billion of residential property for day rental.


Visit https://www.vrumi.com/ to choose from hundreds of homes across London and rent your perfect place to work


About Vrumi

Soft-launched in 2015 by founders Roddy Campbell and William Sieghart, Vrumi connects workers and professionals needing space with householders who have rooms available in the daytime. Vrumi solves the problems of the self-employed, freelancers, micro-workers and other professionals who need to find spaces to work flexibly in, in areas they couldn’t previously afford.


About William Sieghart, Founder

As a co-founder of Forward Publishing in 1986, William helped to build the custom media industry (now referred to as content marketing and branded journalism). He sold the company to WPP in 2001 and launched a number of highly successful not-for-profit initiatives, including Streetsmart, the Forward Poetry Prizes and National Poetry Day. A former member of Arts Council England, he is Chairman of the Arts Foundation, advises the government on the future of public libraries and sits as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Somerset House.


About Roddy Campbell, Founder

Roddy co-founded London’s first hedge fund, IFM Asset Management, in 1984, going on to launch Cross Asset Management at the inception of the Euro in 1998.  The company managed money for clients ranging from the World Bank to varied private investors and was sold to RAB Capital plc in 2005. Campbell remained to run the company until 2011, when he took a sabbatical to study at the LSE. He is an experienced entrepreneur in all aspects of founding, managing, and growing businesses.




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