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Unbeatables_DVD_Insert_LRThe Unbeatables movie stars Rupert Grint, Rob Brydon, Anthony Head and Match of the Day’s Jonathan Pearce.  It’s out 9th February 2015 on DVD and has now been turned into a full-length novel for Young (and not so young) Adults by the principal screenwriter of the film, Richard O. Smith.

Shy boy Amadeo reigns supreme at table football (“foosball”) in his local café. Taking on all comers he is one of “the unbeatables” with his loyal team of tiny foosballers. But there’s another “unbeatable” in town.

Aggrieved by his only ever defeat at the hands of Amadeo in a foosball match when they were kids, Flash the town bully returns to seek revenge. Not only does he destroy the foosball table, but he challenges Amadeo to a game of actual football as Flash, with his insatiable quest for glory, has subsequently risen to become the world’s most famous soccer star.

With the future of the village at stake the situation looks hopeless for Amadeo. Unless he can recruit the help of his eccentric fellow villagers and the girl he loves, Lara, to take on the world’s best football team captained by his nemesis Flash. “It’ll be like Barcelona against a non-league team with an injury crisis,” predicts Lara.

What nobody predicts is how Amadeo’s foosballers will affect the game…

 The Unbeatables novel is the ultimate fantasy football story. Expanding upon the original movie, the novel includes additional adventures, characters and jokes. Displaying an incredible GPM (gags per minute) work rate, the book is a scintillating, action-packed 90 minutes of end-to-end incident, comedic flair, goalmouth scrambles and dubious off the ball challenges on the ethos of the modern game and those who run it.

The Unbeatables is published by Signal Books ISBN 9781909930254

Out now as an eBook – £3.99, published 3rd February 2015. Print book (£7.99) will be published 23rd February 2015. Further information available at: www.signalbooks.co.uk/2014/11/the-unbeatables/




Richard O. Smith writes across many different platforms – like a railway station graffitist. He’s written for BBC Radio 4′s The Now Show, The News Quiz & BBC2′s Dara O’Briain’s Science Club. Plus he is the principal screenwriter of The Unbeatables movie.


Richard is the author of The Man With His Head in the Clouds (“Very, very funny” – Lucy Porter). His other books include Oxford Student Pranks (“A jam-packed jamboree of jollity” – Dr Lucy Worsley), Britain’s Most Eccentric Sports (“Better than all 26 days of a cricket match” – Henning Wehn) and Amazon no. 1 bestseller in humour As Thick As Thieves documenting true criminal ineptitude (“Made me think I should have considered a life of crime” – Hugh Dennis).


Richard is a Chortle comedy award winner and a former National Football Writer of the Year. He’s written for The Independent, The Guardian and football fans’ magazine When Saturday Comes.


Praise for The Unbeatables movie:

“The witty dialogue and banter makes for some very funny moments, while the digs at the excesses of modern footballers will ring true to followers of the Beautiful Game.” – Radio Times


The Unbeatables is great fun for young and old.” – Daily Express


“Nice jokes at the expense of FIFA, overpaid prima donna footballers and slimy agents.” – Daily Mail


“An utterly charming gem. Deft one-liners. Back of the net!” –Irish Independent



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